Carnival - The Sound Of A People Vol 1

Trinidad-born, Julliard-trained trumpet player and composer Etienne Charles was fascinated by Jab Molassie, the blue, fire-breathing carnival characters, and the people who become them for Carnival. He went to the village of Paramin on Carnival Monday, to watch them compete--only to dive in and start playing the biscuit tin along with them, getting himself splattered with blue paint.
  1. Jab Molassie

  2. Dame Lorraine

  3. Moko Jumbie

  4. Bois

  5. One for Señor

  6. Black Echo I - Ordinance

  7. Black Echo II - Tamboo

  8. Black Echo III - Bamboo

  9. Black Echo IV - Iron

  10. Black Echo V - Steel

  11. Lullaby

  12. Freedom