FOLKLORE coming SOON!! Release Date - June 1st 2009

visit Etienne on his myspace to preview tracks. 1. Folklore 2. Douens 3. Dance with la Diablesse 4. Laja who? 8:46 5. Mama Malade 6. Soucouyant 7. Mysterieuse 8. Mama D'lo 9. Santimanite 10. Papa Bois MUSICIANS Etienne Charles trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion, vocals, double seconds & cuatro Jacques Schwarz-Bart tenor and soprano saxophones Milan Milanovic: piano Luques Curtis: bass Obed Calvaire: drums Ralph MacDonald: percussion ( D'Achee: percussion Ray Charles: percussion Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe: tenor pan Keith 'Designer' Prescott: vocals Wendell Manwarren, narrative, vocals Roger Roberts, vocals